Your life’s story is a cosmic story—just like mine is. Like you, every atom in my body was made in a star. The ceaseless vibrations of every spinning, pulsing particle in the cosmos is constantly messaging the molecules of my dreams and the atoms of my soul–just like yours. The universe is within you.


The Universe Is Within You

Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen. -Emerson

Magic is being generated in Pisces, the sign of the vast and infinite sea of cosmic Love. Can you feel it? Venus and Mars, the two polarities of desire, are in the arms of the two most of the Cosmos’ most potent magic-makers. As she embraces Neptune, the Divine Dreamer, Venus is magnetizing herself with new dreams and fresh inspiration.
The vibrations of the Cosmic Healer, Mars is healing the deep wounds the long years of the culture of domination have inflicted on his will and passion.


This is deep, potent medicine — and trust me. You want all of it you can get. Make some space and time to absorb these dreamy, potent frequencies into your own heart, mind, body, and spirit. Over the coming month, you’ll have multiple opportunities to dream pure, cosmic magic into your life. The time to begin, though, is now.


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