Love Calling: The Cosmic Feminine & The Cardinal Cross of 2014


Who is the Cosmic Feminine?

Who else would be at the heart of the great energies of the Cardinal Cross that are sweeping through the depths of our individual and shared realities? Who else but the primal power the Vedic texts call Shakti, and that astrology tracks in multiple ways?  The personification of the creative power of the Divine Feminine, she’s the primordial cosmic energy that flows throughout the Universe.  Her very name, which  means “to be able,” refers to “the power” at the heart of life.  She’s the living principle of empowerment.  


In countless forms and by numberless names, her relational, sensual, emotional, lunar, fluid, receptive, nourishing energy has been recognized as feminine for as long as humans have named reality.  She’s been called Durga, Kali, Inanna, Ishtar, Gaia, Demeter, Persephone, Medusa, Hekate, Luna,  Venus, Mary, the Magdalene, Bride, Freya — and more.   Her modes have been dreaming, healing, diving, mothering, midwifing, hospicing, creating, lovemaking, cooking — and more.

Whether we recognize her or not, she exists everywhere and in everyone, regardless of gender.  Every time we create, or dream, or love, we’re in the realm of the Goddess.  She’s always within us and everywhere around us.


Transformation: The Core Expertise of the Goddess

At her core, the Divine Feminine is a virtuoso in the arts of transformation. This, her essence, is exactly what we most need now .    From the Moon (who disappears every month to create seed energy with the Sun) to Venus (who, as Inanna, was the first divine being to descend into the underworld to die and be reborn), she’s always showing us how to go within, shed our dead skin, and renew life within us and around us.  She knows how to enter the Void and invite new worlds into being.

For thousands of years now,  we’ve turned away from her wisdom.  We’ve all but forgotten her, and as a result we’ve become exhausted, over-stimulated, brittle, rigid, and dry — closed off from our depths, which are also hers.

Without her, life becomes a shambles and a travesty — and across our planet, it is.   From our economy to our planet, everything required for her flourishing is in crisis.

One of the primary carriers of Cosmic Feminine energy in our solar system is Earth's sister planet, Venus.

One of the primary carriers of Cosmic Feminine energy in our solar system is Earth’s sister planet, Venus.

Return of the Many-Formed Goddess

Yet this is also the time of her return. We can see it everywhere, from the growing awareness of the importance of our food and our environment to the resurgence of ways to connect with Her.  From Chameli Ardagh’s Awakening Women Institute to Toko-pa Turner’s dreamwork practices to Tsultrim Allione’s Tara Mandala Institute and the late Emilie Conrad’s Continuum Movement practices to awaken the  biocosmic memory within us all — to name only a few — she is pouring herself into the world everywhere there is an opening.

And she is creating openings, within us and around us, by the minute. We are living amid a proliferation of such openings.  Because they don’t look like the model we’ve grown used to, it can sometimes be hard to recognize them.

The Blessing of the Cardinal Cross:  The Venus-Chiron Conjunction

Noli_me_tangere_Fra AngelicoAs if to signal us to leave our fear of change and transformation behind us, on Thursday — three days before the Cross perfected — Venus and Jupiter magnified their auspicious vibrations with a trine of sweet grace and blessings.  On Sunday, as the Cross came into exact form in the skies within us and around us, Venus made the same harmonious, auspicious alignment with Chiron, the shamanic healer of the Cosmos.  As we stepped across the energetic threshold, the Cross perfecting around us,  she was with you. She was with all of us, where we always find her — in our dreams, our intuitions, and the opening of our hearts.  

The Way of the Goddess

250157776With the tense and dynamic pattern of the Cardinal Cross, the Universe is stacking the deck every way it can.  We’re being urged to release the outworn emotional baggage of the past and surrender the desire to control outcomes.  Wherever in your life you’d like to do things differently, the Universe invites you to let go, open your heart – and trust.

The spiral, the wave, and the pulsation create the cosmic language with which Emilie Conrad awakened our innate resonance with what she called "our biocosmic heritage."
The spiral, the wave, and the pulsation create the cosmic language with which Emilie Conrad awakened our innate resonance with what she called “our biocosmic heritage.”

BioCosmic Resonance, the Power of Love: The LIfe and Work of Emilie Conrad

On April 14, the day before we entered this portal of transformation through a Venus-ruled total lunar eclipse, a woman who embodied the potential of the Uranus-Pluto squares left the planet.

Emilie Conrad was born just after the Uranus-Pluto squares of 1930-1934. Her life work represents the creative potential of the Cosmic Awakener in the XX energy of Aries, and of the Cosmic Regenerator in Cancer, the sign of the Divine Mother.  Known as Continuum Movement (which she began to develop in 1969, just after the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo, where her natal Neptune was placed) is a way of bringing the body into alignment with what she called “the choreography of life.”

Emilie Conrad’s Sun was in Gemini, but half the planets in her birth chart were ruled by Venus, and three were in Cancer.  Using movement sequences based on the wave, the spiral, and the energy of pulsation, Conrad developed a process for expanding our ability to “receive the vibrations of the larger field of pulsating life.”  The profound power of this approach is movingly described by Cherionna  Menzam-Sills in the essay ”A Continuum Experience: Trusting the Field”,

In what we call the body, Conrad sees the movement of “interpenetrating  wave motions that have stabilized within a particular electromagnetic field called earth — for a purpose that we don’t know.”  Noting the fluid nature that is the inner essence of our physical reality, Conrad observes that “fluid in the galaxy, . . . in the planet . . . and in our bodies, is engaged in a resonant stream of what I would call biocosmic nourishment.”

Like all of us who are alive now, Conrad was a pioneer, using her intuition and her own resonance with life as a map.  ”I had no map to follow except my strong urge to experience our essential bio-lineage and my certainty that our existences were fed from far beyond our cultural moorings. It is my belief that we carry in our cells, in our tissues, in the very throb of our existence, an underlying flow that urges and inspires, flares our nostrils and beats our heart. This encompassing atmosphere of Love has its own destiny.  Perhaps using humans as its messengers, this Love has arrived on Earth.

It is this Love that the Cosmic Feminine — within us and around us — is both receptor and transmitter for.  She’s calling us now, loudly and clearly.  Are you listening?

Uranus Square Pluto #5, the Cardinal Cross, and the Power of Shakti

One of the world's most ancient symbols, the cross has had many meanings for different people at different times in human history.  For the Rosicrucians, a philosophical secret society founded in the late medieval period, it is the "Rosy Cross.  At its center is a rose.   -- a long-time symbol of both Venus and Mary --  which represents the  unfolding consciousness that the dynamic energy of the cross expands .

One of the world’s most ancient symbols, the cross has had many meanings at different times in human history. For the Rosicrucians, a secret philosophical society founded in the late medieval period, it is the “Rosy Cross,”  with a rose at its center. Long associated with both Venus and Mary, the rose at the center of the Rosicrucian cross represents unfolding consciousness at the intersection of matter and spirit —  which the dynamic energy of this week’s cardinal cross seeks to expand .

Within you, and around you, a rare and dynamic energy pattern — an exact Grand Cross at 13 degrees of the cardinal signs– is now at maximum potency.  Today, the 5th of the 7 world-changing squares of Uranus and Pluto will unfold within this cross.  Since the Uranus-Pluto squares began in June 2012,  each of us — and all of us — have been zones for the evolution of consciousness, and thus of life.  This energy is intense, high-frequency, and high-pressure. It’s pushing us all out of comfort zones and into our evolutionary zones

While we’ll understand much more about what that means when this week is over, one thing is already certain.  Whatever happens in the days ahead will shift reality, on the personal and also the collective level.

At every turn in our world, profound shift is already unfolding at an accelerating rate.  Much of it is taking place at the deepest levels of our lives. While more and more of us are aware of this, it can be still hard to name and, sometimes, to connect the dots. For the most powerful dimensions of this great energetic seachange don’t fit our culture’s perceptual categories. That’s no accident. This cross, and all of its elements, is infused with the transformative power of the Cosmic Feminine. If we try and observe it — much less act on it — from an already outworn paradigm, the results are likely to backfire.

Energetic Markers of a “Shakti Infusion”

The infusion into this week’s tumultuous skies of the powerful Cosmic Feminine energy the ancient Vedas described as “shakti” is profound, subtle, and multi-valent:

It’s not even that every player in the cross, as well as the numerous supporting characters — a total of 7 planets altogether — has a direct energetic linkage to the Cosmic Feminine:

  • Mars is deep into a 12-week retrograde in Libra, Venus’ sign of  love and relatedness,
  • Jupiter is in the Moon’s sign of Cancer, where he is exalted,
  • Pluto, the co-ruler with Persephone of the invisible realm of transformative power, is collaborating with Venus  (Persephone’s ancestor who, as Inanna, blazed the first trail into the underworld) in the creative pattern known as a sextile.
  • Uranus, the ancient god of the fertile chaos of the sky, whose passion for our beautiful Gaia brought the world into being, is Venus’ father,
  • the Sun has just moved into Taurus, the sign of the fertile, abundant Earth, and the second that Venus rules.
  • the Moon is in Capricorn, moving into the Cardinal Cross as the day begins and ending it on the  Moon’s North Bending of the Moon’s North Node. This is a point in the sky typically associated with very fortunate developments.
  • Venus is in Pisces, the sign of her exaltation.
  • Saturn is in Scorpio, the energy associated with the Underworld where Venus, Persephone, and Pluto share deep connections.

It’s all of those, and more.


One Way Out:  The Quantum Leap

As many astrologers have noted, the Uranus-Pluto squares are evolutionary in intent and effect. Their nature is to force deep, radical change, and they occur at a time when multiple forces — economic, natural, political, and spiritual —  are backing us into a corner, where there seems to be no way out.  Except one — a quantum leap.

The good news, our lives, like all life on Earth,  only exist because of a long history of quantum leaps.  This is precisely the trajectory of the evolutionary process.  It’s not linear.  It’s discontinuous, novel, and surprising. And it rarely happens because there is a choice. It almost always occurs because there isn’t.

Shift of the kind this extraordinary pattern is inviting isn’t going to come from doing what we already know how to do, only better.  It’s going to emerge from the deepest and most creative place within us.  The Goddess wants us to evolve.  This sky is asking us to allow ourselves to be surprised– to deeply surprise ourselves. 













Double Cosmic Rainbows on the Way to the Big Waves


Between eclipses, solar storms, cardinal crosses, and the build-up to world-changing clashes of cosmic energy, it’s been an intense week.  Tonight, the Universe brings us double sweetness  – boons to help us access blessing and grace we need as we head into the powerful energies just ahead —  the tightening of the Cardinal Cross over the weekend and Uranus’ and the 5th of Pluto’s 7 world-changing squares on Monday.

For most of the three days since two Tuesday’s total lunar eclipse, Luna’s been in Scorpio.  It’s been perfect energy for taking the energies of the Red Moon deep within to use as grist for the cosmic mill that’s transforming our lives, minute by minute. However, light and easy it’s not — especially in the days following a full moon, when Luna is still ripe.


You may have noticed a palpable lightening in the atmosphere at 1:45 UTC (5:45 EDT), when she moved into Sagittarius. If not, just wait.  Ruled by Jupiter, a Sagittarian moon throws an upbeat, optimistic vibe into the most intense and extreme dynamic.

In just four more months, Jupiter leaves Cancer — where he’s exalted — and enters Leo. That means we have just four more occasions to experience the underlying buoyance that spills over onto everything involving Jupiter when he’s in the state of exaltation.  With all the turbulence of the last year, it’s easy to discount the easy access we’ve had to the awareness of what the Tibetan Buddhist teacher Trogyam Chungpa RInpoche called “the basic goodness of life.  It’s safe to assume, though, that without Jupiter’s blessings turned up full strength since July 2013, more than a few of our individual and collective close calls would have been far more devastating.


So that’s Boon #1.  Moon in Sagittarius as we navigate the big waves leading from a total lunar eclipse to a Uranus-Pluto square in the middle of a Cardinal Cross.


Boon #2:  Light on the Karma Point

Tonight, the Sun begins its annual conjunction with the Moon’s South Node. This is the most karmic point in the sky.  It carries the accumulated energy of the past — the strengths we’ve developed as well as that energy that keeps us stuck in the destructive and self-defeating patterns from the past. The meeting between the Sun and the South Node gives star power to your choice to release old patterns.  Aries is where the Sun is exalted, and it brings illumination and clarity to the most karmic degree in the sky.

This is the choice the Universe wants you to make.  To facilitate the activation of this choice, an old issue may resurface in your life —  bringing you a very concrete opportunity to finally let it go.


Boon # 3:  Venus Trines Jupiter

Venus and Jupiter are the planets the ancients called the “two benefics.” They sweeten every picture they’re in — and tonight, that’s your life, as these two wax towards a a perfect, harmonious trine.  This strong, positive exchange of energy between the two “benefics” amplifies the magnetic charge of your connection to love in all its forms, from relationships to abundance.

Any trine of Jupiter and Venus is an energetic windfall.  This one is doubly so, because both of these generous, wise,  loving, pleasure-loving energies are in the signs where they’re exalted, and thus at maximum strength.  In fact, three planets are in states of exaltation at the moment — the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter.  If you had to pick only three, those would be the ones. 

it’s double cosmic rainbows — just when you’re likely to most need a reminder.

Whatever else you do in the next 24 hours, be sure you make time to tune out the distractions and the worries and tune in the wisdom, the bliss, the promise, and the sweetness.  The big waves are coming — you may need this to remember what a grand adventure we’re actually on..

13′s and Palindromes: Number Magic in this Week’s Skies

Pythagoras believed the number 13's energy was transformational.  For millennia, it's been seen as sacred to the Cosmic Feminine.

Pythagoras believed the number 13′s energy was transformational. For millennia, it’s been seen as sacred to the Cosmic Feminine.

Astrology is full of numbers and their magic.  Every degree in the sky is numbered.  The 360 degree wheel of the sky is divided into 12 signs, each with 30 degrees.  When the wheel is divided, the squares, stars, and triangles that are created generate energy of a particular type, when they’re activated by the constantly moving celestial bodies.

There’s quite a bit of number magic at work in this most powerful of weeks. We can see it in the degrees of the sky in which the Cardinal Cross will form, in the patterns of the Red Moon in Libra eclipse (and the Taurus Solar Eclipse just two weeks away).  It’s also in the calendar.  It’s another of the ways the Cosmos is revealing herself and her purpose to us.

The Goddess of Lausell, carved into the wall of a cave in the Dordogne region of southwestern France during the Paleolithic era, is the earliest known example of the deification of the feminine principle.  The crescent she is holding is marked with 13 notches.

The Goddess of Lausell, carved into the wall of a cave in the Dordogne region of southwestern France during the Paleolithic era, is the earliest known example of the deification of the feminine principle. The crescent she is holding is marked with 13 notches.

Cardinal Cross in the Goddess’ Number

On April 16, the day after the Red Moon, the dynamic and volatile Grand Cross that has been forming in the four cardinal signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn — becomes nearly exact.  These are the most dynamic signs in the sky.  Planets placed here in a birth chart or moving through by transit are change-makers. 

The Cross will form at 13 degrees of these four signs — bringing together Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto to stretch our consciousness, and our lives, wide to make room for the future that is waiting to be born.  By Wednesday, Jupiter, Uranus, and Puto will be in 13 degrees of Cancer, Aries, and Capricorn, with Mars at 15 degrees of Libra.  During the days when this Cross is exact – April 20-23 – all four will be in 13 degrees.  Even without a pair of eclipses framing their action and a Uranus-Pluto square coming in the middle of it, an exact Cardinal Cross would be enough to make astrological headlines.

For the ancient Greek spiritual teacher, philosopher, and mathematician Pythagoras, 13 was the number of transformation.  While is power has been associated with many traditions, it’s been recognized for millennia as sacred to the Divine Feminine (which is why it’s been regarded as unlucky in recent centuries).

The number 13 is highlighted in earliest example of the deification of the feminine principle — i.e., the recognition that there is something in the feminine energy that is part of the fabric of the Cosmos itself.  In the caves near Lascaux, France, a  27,000-year-old carving known as the “Earth Mother of Laussel”  depicts a female figure painted red (the color of the blood of life and rebirth — and of all total lunar eclipses, including tonight’s Red Moon in Libra).  She holds a crescent-shaped horn bearing 13 notches, one for each lunation in a lunar year.


Along with the numbers 5 and 8, 13 is a key number in Venus’ cycle.  13 is associated with the Norse goddess Freya  The 13th letter of the alphabet is “m,” which begins the words mother, mater, matter, mens, menses, menstruate, month, mama, mammary, and, in Latin, mare, or sea.  Even today, the dark basaltic plains on the Moon that were formed by ancient volcanic eruptions are known as the lunar maria.

While the Cardinal Cross of 13 is in effect — until April 28, with its peak occurring between April 20 and 23 — we will have a rare opportunity to experience the transformative nature of the number 13. Over the coming weeks, outgrown energies and situations will end and new ones will be born.

As with all births, Life itself is in charge.  This is a time for receiving.  Ask for guidance – and to receive it.  As astrologer Sarah Varcas says,  the way to connect with this energy is through the heart.  It is, as astrologer Tosha Silver puts it, a time to “make your life an offering” to Source — from your heart to the heart of the Cosmos.

Venus traces a five-petaled flower -- or five-pointed star -- in the sky every eight years, which is why all five-petaled flowers have long been sacred to her.

Venus traces a five-petaled flower — or five-pointed star — in the sky every eight years, which is why all five-petaled flowers have long been sacred to her.

5, 13, and the Cycle of Venus

As noted above, during this Cardinal Cross of 13, the cosmic change agents Uranus and Pluto will be making the 5th of their world-changing squares. It’s more than interesting that the Cross of 13 forms  immediately  after a Total Lunar eclipse in Venus’ sign of Libra, isn’t it?  

As I mentioned, 13 and 5 are, like 8, key numbers in Venus’ cycle.  As observed from the Earth, for every 8 times that the Sun goes around our planet, Venus circles the Sun 13 times, tracing a lovely five-lobed pentagram (known both as the Flower of Life and the Pentagram of Venus) in the sky where Venus comes closest to Earth.  You can see it for yourself here. 

Palindromes are Everywhere: The Numbers in this Week’s Calendar

 Finally, there is the fact that every day of this week is a palindrome. Here’s the sequence:  4/13/14, 4/14/14, 4/15/14, 4/16/14, 4/17/14, 4/18/14, 4/19/14.  (The calendar itself is based on the Sun and the Moon, and the days of the week are named after the planets.)
As the online magazine Slate commented, “With that “4″ right in the middle, today might be the most palindromest day of all. Celebrate/consult the skies for astral omens accordingly.”

And we already know what the skies say, don’t we?

Total Lunar Eclipse in Libra: The Red Moon of the Goddess Arrives

The way light bends around the Moon's curves at a total lunar eclipse makes every one a red moon, sometimes known as a blood moon.

The way light bends around the Moon’s curves at a total lunar eclipse makes every one a red moon, sometimes known as a blood moon.

It’s been six years since Pluto moved into Capricorn — or just over five, if you start with November 2008, when he returned after his first, brief visit from January-June earlier that year.  Since then, the structures of our world have not stopped shaking.  Three years later, in March 2011,  after a 3-month early activation in the spring of 2010, Uranus, the Cosmic Awakener, moved into Aries.  Ever since, he’s been seeding a new reality within us and around us

Almost two years ago, in June 2012, these two mighty change agents squared off for the first of seven energetic clashes.  When they did, they plunged us into a vortex of life-changing, world-changing energy that will remain “live’ for 33 months, until March 2015.

This week’s Total Lunar Eclipse in Libra lights the spark for the most intense portion of the 33-month Uranus-Pluto period – for the world, and also for you.


Total Lunar Eclipse:  The Red Moon

 Like all total Lunar Eclipses, this one is a “Red Moon,” sometimes known as a “Blood Moon.”  When the Moon moves into the Earth’s shadow, our atmosphere bends the Sun’s light around Luna’s curvature — and she takes on a red hue.   Some have associated the Blood Moon with omens of violence and war. The Moon, however, is one of the primary carriers of the Cosmic Feminine within you and around you.  Her purpose is not to make war, but to create and sustain life.

The feminine relationship with blood is not about violence, but about the shedding that is part of life.  A Red Moon signals a deep inner process of letting go all that can no longer nurture life, so that we may conceive and give birth to the future

The entire, dramatic sight of this Red Moon eclipse– like watching an entire moon cycle in just a few hours — will be visible throughout the U.S. and most of Canada, between 12:53 a.m. and 5:33 a.m. EDT on Tuesday, April 15, with totality occurring at 3:06 a.m. EDT

All lunations, and especially eclipses, intensify magnetic shift taking place within the Earth and within us all.  Emotional currents are turned way up, and the energies are strongly polarized and extreme in every way.


A Gathering of Goddesses 

Energetically, this Lunar Eclipse in Libra is all about the Cosmic Feminine.   As the ruling planet of Libra, Venus, the great goddess of love, art, abundance, and justice, is the eclipse’s ruling energy.  And while she’s pulled at all sides by a dynamic and volatile Cardinal Cross forming around her — with both Mars and Pluto retrograde and at odds with Jupiter and a fiery Uranus conjunct Mercury —  she’s also surrounded by goddesses:

* Ceres, the Great Earth Mother, is in the same degree as the Moon, doubling Luna’s nurturing energiies with her fierce commitment to life.  

* Vesta, the Priestess, will be at Ceres’ side, in the same degree as the Moon’s North Node, our evolutionary GPS — reminding u that it is our reverence and devotion that carries the auspicious energy of our good future.  

Hekate, the Seer, who guides all at the crossroads and supports those undergoing transformative experiences in the invisible realm, is at Luna’s other side.

Hekate also enhances our ability to see past and future, to partake of “magical speech” (the meaning of the word “Hekat” in Egyptian).

 Hekate is our guide through the place where life is regenerated within us and around us – the fertile and dynamic Void, where  both positive and negative energies shapeshift and familiar forms and patterns fall apart.  She helps us trust the dark, where the vision that inspires renewal is to be found.  Wherever this Red Moon falls in your inner sky, Hekate’s wisdom is rising, 

The great stars Spica and Arcturus infuse this Libra Red Moon with their Radiant power.

The great stars Spica and Arcturus infuse this Libra Red Moon with their Radiant power.

A Star Powered Eclipse

Two mighty stars are also in the picture, infusing their powerful stellar energy into this eclipse:

 * Arcturus, the 4th brightest star in the sky — and believed to have played a key role in the fabled Atlantis. Known in ancient times as the Driver of the Bear (Ursa Major).  Arcturus conjunct the Moon has been associated with success in business, friendship, and domestic harmony.

* Spica, the star in the hand of the Virgin Goddess who is the constellation of Virgo.  Spica’s energy is the food that the Goddess feeds us.  Spica has also been associated with Ishtar, an ancient form of the Queen of Heaven.

The Red Moon Birth Canal

Despite the immense gifts this eclipse brings, however, its energy pattern is extremely volatile, and riding its intense waves will be quite tricky for many of us.  The Cardinal Cross that will begin to form on April 16 will bring intense and dynamic pressure to the parts of your life where it falls in your inner sky.

At the Libra Red Moon, were all birthing the future.

At the Libra Red Moon, were all birthing the future.

 Holding Space for the Future

The most important thing that you can do as you enter this portal is to hold space in your heart and mind for the good future that our hearts and souls know is possible – and to keep your intention clear and firm to help bring that world into being.  A tremendous amount of fear is presently flooding the planet, keeping our world in an energetic vise grip. 

The Earth and our own futures need us now to hold space for Love, the most powerful force in the Universe.

To do this as you ride the energetic white water ahead will require that you stay grounded and centered. That means

  • taking good care of your body
  • keeping your schedule as open as you can to process and integrate the energies, and most importantly,
  • keeping your connection with Source at the center of your life.

Only with your feet on the ground, your head,  in the stars, and your awareness in your heart can experience your reality as the meeting place for the realm we call Heaven and the realm we call Earth.  And that is the place — where you experience the reality of both the inner, invisible Cosmos and the outer, manifest Cosmos — where your evolutionary destiny unfolds into your life. That is the place where, whatever you gender, your birth the miracles of the Goddess.

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Deep Shifts After a Pisces New Moon: Invitation to the Mystic

5161800961It’s just two days since Luna made herself new. It was the first hours of the first day of March when her annual Pisces encounter with our Star occurred, in most of the U.S. The Pisces New Moon is always among the most creative and spiritual of the year. This year, a vortex of deep energetic shift magnified the power of our annual invitation from the Cosmos to venture deep “into the Mystic” – to borrow the title of the legendary song by the Irish singer Van Morrison (fittingly, from an album called Moondance).

A Vortex of Shifting Energy

Mercury, the Cosmic Messenger, ended the first of his 2014 vision quests just 18 hours before the Pisces New Moon.

Mercury, the Cosmic Messenger, ended the first of his 2014 vision quests just 18 hours before the Pisces New Moon.

1. Mercury changes direction.

The day before the New Moon, Mercury brought the first of his three 2014 retrograde vision quests to an end.  The Messenger began his quest in Pisces, just one degree shy of Neptune’s position. For most of February he searched in the early degrees of Pisces and the last third of Aquarius for the energy we need — yet have forgotten, lost, or overlooked — in order to more fully understand the transformational experiences that await us this spring. On February 28, exactly 18 hours before the New Moon, his journey came to an end.

Mars, the Cosmic Warrior, began his own retrograde journey through Libra just 8 hours after the Pisces New Moon.

Mars, the Cosmic Warrior, began his own retrograde journey through Libra just 8 hours after the Pisces New Moon.

2. Mars changes direction.

Eight hours after the New Moon, Mars began a 12-week retrograde of his own.  Since December 5, the Warrior has been in Libra, one of the two signs that belong to Venus, the Great Goddess of Love.  He’d nearly reached the end when his retrograde began.  Instead of moving on to Scorpio, it’s back to Goddess School for the Warrior.  Between now and May 20, he’ll re-visit the last half of the sign of Libra.  And in the process, we’ll re-assess how and why we take action.

46927131584.  Saturn changes direction.

Yesterday, just 24 hours after Mars changed directions, Saturn  did the same. Over the next 140 days, the Manifestor will be diving deep into the the degrees that roughly correspond to the third quarter of Scorpio.  He’ll be looking for the energy we need in order to transform our lives in ways that are deeper, more powerful — and more real.

Today's meeting of Chiron and the Sun is the third of the six that will take place between 2012 and 2018.

Today’s meeting of Chiron and the Sun is the third of the six that will take place between 2012 and 2018. 

3. The Sun conjuncts Chiron.

Today, the Sun moves into the degree that Chiron, the shamanic Wounded Healer of the Cosmos, will occupy until March 13.  This is the third of of the six conjunctions that will take place between the Sun and Chiron in Pisces between 2012 and 2018.  These encounters are enlarging our capacity to tap the huge field of consciousness that we aren’t ordinarily aware of.

When the giant Jupiter turns direct on Thursday,  his energies of grace and expansion will once again flow freely into our lives.

When the giant Jupiter turns direct on Thursday, his energies of grace and expansion will once again flow freely into our lives.

5. Jupiter changes direction.

On Thursday, the Blessing Giver brings his 4-month vision quest through the heart of Cancer to an end. Cancer is the sign of the Blessing Giver’s exaltation, and for the next 12 weeks, until he enters Leo on July 19, Jupiter’s grace and abundance will flow as freely as it ever does. 

Retrogrades & the Renewal of LIfe

Like Jupiter’s change in direction, the Sun-Chiron conjunction is a signal.  It tells us that, challenging though they may be,  the simultaneous retrogrades of Mars and Saturn are important to your future. These two planets carry the masculine energies of acting and building.  They represent our doing and our authority.  And, as we stand on the threshold of great and powerful waves of change, they are both being re-worked in the depths.

The enormous gamma ray bubbles that surround the center of our Milky Way Galaxy were invisible until just a few years ago - -just as the huge field of consciousness, and its untapped energy and potential, that surrounds us at all times is, to most of us, invisible.

The enormous gamma ray bubbles that surround the center of our Milky Way Galaxy were invisible until just a few years ago – -just as the huge field of consciousness, and its untapped energy and potential, that surrounds us at all times is, to most of us, invisible.

A Time to Re-create and Re-vision Your Reality

Retrograde transits are times when the planetary energies dive beneath the surface.  They can be the most frustrating of times when we try and conduct business as usual.  Yet when we can allow ourselves to turn inward, they are magical  opportunities to re-vision and re-create reality. 

Chiron and the Sun join forces today amid a quadruple retrograde storm.  It’s a potent time to tune in to the flow of Life Force throughout your body-mind-spirit. Feel how it connects you to Earth and to Cosmos. Feel your deep reality as the creative point between them. 

Deep Breakthrough: Jupiter Squares Uranus, Round 2

Other than the Sun, Jupiter is the largest planet by far in our star system.

Other than the Sun, Jupiter is the largest planet by far in our star system.

Tonight, the square that’s been building for weeks between Jupiter and Uranus becomes exact. A long-term process of breakthrough is being seeded at a very deep level with the energy that’s being released tonight.  The Moon has entered the Balsamic Phase which prepares the ground for Friday’s Pisces New Moon to work some creative magic.  The energy field in which the Sun and Moon will merge their vibrations in just two and a half days will be saturated with the energy of breakthrough.
Tonight’s square is the second of three dynamic encounters  between the Blessing Giver and the Awakener.  At the first square, which took place on  August 21, 2013, Uranus was retrograde.  The Awakener was searching deep beneath the surface for something that you need in order to more fully claim our own genius and capacity for breakthrough.
Tonight, it is Jupiter who is retrograde.  The Blessing Giver is the largest planet in our star system — with 2.5 times the mass of every other planet combined. Whatever this giant touches expands and grows.  
Larger than life in every way,  Jupiter is vision questing in Cancer, the ancient sign of the Divine Mother. In these creative, emotional depths, Jupiter is searching your unique energy pattern for the wounds that need healing so that you can experience his grace and abundance more fully.
When he collides tonight with the quantum, non-linear vibrations of Uranus, the Cosmic Awakener, the breakthrough will be deep. 

April 2013: The Breakthrough Integration Zone

The final integration of what happens tonight, however, won’t be felt for nearly two more months.  When the final conjunction in this process of breakthrough takes place, on April 22, we’ll be in the midst of the most turbulent and transformational energies of our lifetimes.  
The final Jupiter-Uranus square will comprise half of the Cardinal Cross that’s been forming and re-forming since January.  The most volatile and high-energy of all energy patterns, it includes Mars and Pluto as its other drivers.  In the tumultuous field created by these four, a quadruple play of transformative energies will unfold, within you and around you:
  • On April 22, Uranus will make the fifth of his seven exact squares to Pluto — the energy that is slowly and irrevocably  opening the pathway to the future and changing our lives and our world forever.
  • A lunar eclipse on April 15 and
  • A solar eclipse on April 29 complete the picture, guaranteeing that April 2014 will be a month no one will ever forget.
The square between Jupiter and Uranus, like all contacts between these two, is full of high-frequency cosmic electricity.  Together these two are creating the dynamism that can push you to a new level of authenticity and personal liberation.  It’s just the push we need to reach beyond the world we know and ride the great waves of change into the future.

Uranus & the Quantum Edge

The Cosmic Liberator is an original in every way, down to his lopsided orbit around the Sun.

The Cosmic Liberator is an original in every way, down to his lopsided orbit around the Sun.

Uranus brings a quantum, non-linear edge to Jupiter’s expansive energy. As these two make exact contact, it’s your consciousness that will determine which possibilities will be drawn into our three-dimensional reality — the realm of what quantum physicists call the particle state — from the infinite possibilities of the wave state.  
Tonight, let the Liberator and the Blessing Giver carry your creative and visionary energy into a breakthrough.  In the weeks and months ahead, what we call “reality” will follow them.

The Sun Conjuncts Neptune: Everything is Sacred

Every planet in our star system will be involved in important developments over the coming week.

Every planet in our star system will be involved in important developments over the coming week.

The week ahead is full of shift. In the week ahead, all of the planets are up to something new.  Setting the stage for all of what’s to come in the days ahead is today’s meeting of our Star and Neptune, the Cosmic Mystic and Dreamer.

Neptune moves slowly around our star system, taking almost 165 years to orbit the Sun.  The last time the Mystic visited Pisces was the middle of the 19th century.  After his September 1846 discovery brought into human consciousness the subtle, yet all-pervasive reality of the Oneness of all that is, the anti-slavery movement in the U.S. began to gain irresistible momentum, along with an artistic and spiritual renewal whose influence is still felt.

It’s just been two years since the Mystic returned to his home territory, where he is stronger than anywhere else in the zodiac.  Today’s meeting with our Star was only the third since Neptune returned to Pisces in early February 2012.  Eleven more of these encounters will take place before the Dreamer carries the vibrations that connect us with the Oneness of all that exists into Aries.

When Neptune leaves Pisces, we won’t be the same.  Our hearts will have been touched by Neptune’s infinite compassion.  Our dreams will have been infused with the energy of the Oneness.  By then we’ll be ready to launch a whole new cycle of spiritual awareness and cosmic creativity.

This year’s Sun-Neptune conjunction is the middle of three that take place during the URanus-Pluto square that is the defining energy of our times. Each reminds us, a little more deeply, that the changes that are unfolding within us and around us are, at their heart, are spiritual.  They carry the creative, blissful energy of the Source.

A Week of Shifting Energies

With this week’s shifts, we approach the threshold of profound and sustained energetic change that waits for us in April:

  • Mercury ends his retrograde vision quest through the first three degrees of Pisces and the last 12 degrees of Aquarius on Friday.
  • Mars begins his 12-week retrograde through Libra on Saturday,
  • the Sun and Moon create the seed energy of a new beginning in our spiritual and creative life at Saturday’s Pisces New Moon,
  • Jupiter and Uranus, who’ve been slowly creating the dynamic tension of breakthrough since early February, finally make the second of their three exact squares between August 21, 2013 and April 20,2014
  • on Tuesday, Pluto and Chiron make the last of their five exact sextiles since May 12, 2012, releasing their healing energy deep within you.
  • tomorrow, Venus and the goddess asteroid Psyche, the pivotal and uniquely feminine energy that achieved immortality through her willingness to follow the deepest call of her heart — even when it led her far beyond her own abiltiies.
  • and today, the Sun makes its annual pilgrimage to the degree of the sky occupied by Neptune, the Cosmic Mystic.

Setting the Stage:  The Sun Conjuncts Neptune

Neptune, the Cosmic Mystic, makes his annual pilgrimage to the Sun today.

Neptune, the Cosmic Mystic, makes his annual pilgrimage to the Sun today.

We’ll take a closer look at each of these cosmic events in the days ahead.  Today’s Sun-Neptune conjunction sets the stage for them all.

As our Star conjoins its power with the Mystic, it illuminates the dimensions of reality that Neptune connects us to — the Oneness of all that exists.

On the threshold of these days of potent, personal shift, these two have activated  enormous levels of spiritual awareness and creativity within you and around you.  At the heart of the transformative portal all of us on Earth are entering is a spiritual metamorphosis.

Today, it has baptized us.  Open your heart to the Cosmos, and be bathed in its bliss and compassion. Wherever you go is church — the true church of Life in a Miraculous Cosmos.

Full Moon in Leo: The Luminescence of Dawn


Today’s Full Moon in Leo falls in a degree of the sky whose Sabian symbol tells us is saturated with “the luminescence of dawn.”  If there’s anything we’re ready for as we approach the halfway point of Mercury’s retrograde, it’s dawn.

The energies unfolding within and around this Full Moon tell us that there are some wondrous sights indeed to behold in the light of this dawn.  A trio of Coronal Mass Ejections (CME’s) are cascading from our Sun into the Earth’s atmosphere while the lunar field is still active.   Mercury, at the precise middle of his retrograde vision quest, will conjoin the Sun tomorrow while the Moon is still within her 24-hour window of potency.

In the Heart of the Sun: Purifying the Mind

Mercury, the Cosmic Messenger, is cazimi the Sun less than 24 hours after the Leo Full Moon.

Mercury, the Cosmic Messenger, is cazimi the Sun less than 24 hours after the Leo Full Moon.

The astrologers of the ancient Arabic world used the word cazimi  to describe a planetary conjunction with our Star of less than a third of a degree — 17 minutes, to be exact. The word cazimi means “in the heart of the Sun.”  Planets that are cazimi the Sun — as Mercury will be tomorrow — undergo a kind of energetic purification in the heart of our Star.  The dross of old programming is burned away in the pure radiance of our Star, renewing the energy within us and around us.

Mercury is the second planet to reach cazimi with the Sun in just over a month.  In January, Venus was similarly reborn at the midpoint of her 40-day vision quest.  Within us, some vital aspect of the capacity to love was reborn as well.  Now, as Mercury cazimis our Star, we become better able to perceive what it is that has changed — and just what it is that Love.  The awareness is amplified by the fact that this cazimi happens during a Leo Full Moon.  The heart is the stellar realm of Leo’s ruler, the Sun.

imagesCazimi, Breakthrough, and the Power of Love

Mercury will cazimi the Sun at 3:22 p.m. EST on Saturday.  It’s a moment when we can break free of the limitations of our linear mind and the left brain’s need to feel that it’s in control of the Mystery.  The entire day should be one of unfettered perception of higher dimensions of reality for those of us who make space on our calendars and in our hearts to see and hear what the Messenger is communicating to us.

As Mercury and the Sun merge their vibrations on Saturday, they will be at cross purposes with both Pluto, the power planet, and Jupiter, the healer.  For a month now, these two have been confronting each other from across the sky, polarizing our need for power and for growth. As with all oppositions of planetary energy, the choices they’re presenting us with are not the same.  And, as with every opposition, the moment that expands the field is the one when we recognize that  resolution is not a matter of “either / or,”  but of “both / and.”  

The energy pattern of this Full Moon is robust and dynamic.  It’s full of all the challenge we need to expand our awareness.  Saturn forms the tense, stubborn apex of a T-square with both Moon and Sun, pushing us against a wall of implacable resistance.  Yet the closest energetic connections in this sky bring a team of allies to our side.

145118335-1Allies for Breakthrough at the Leo Full Moon

Mars, the Moon, and the Sun: Linking Will and Desire

With strong, positive — and almost exact — connections to both the Leo Moon and the Aquarius Sun, Mars is generating powerful stores of energy, enthusiasm, and confidence, connecting our wil and our desire.

6856234524Eris and Proserpina: Evolving Our Power

In an equally close connection, Proserpina and Eris challenge each other to more powerful and more free.

From her location at the very edge of our star system, Eris carries the unconventional and far-out. It was Mike Brown, the astronomer who discovered this cosmic edge-dweller in 2005, who first noted her resonance with Persephone, the feminine energy that transforms reality as it goes back and forth between visible and invisible realities, cycling through death and rebirth.  Spending part of each of her 542-year orbits around the solar system with Pluto, Eris represents a more cosmic, transcendental version of the transforming feminine energy.

Proserpina and Persephone lie in the main belt of asteroids that cycles between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, within the orbit of Saturn and the boundaries of our three-dimensional reality. Unlike the asteroids Persephone and Proserpina — each of whom carry a part of this profoundly transformative energy — Eris  is free from Saturn’s influence.  Now she pushes at Proserpina to free herself as well.

Proserpina, meanwhile, remains within two degrees of Persephone, her younger, more innocent side, and within two and a half degrees of Psyche, the feminine energy that follows the desires of the heart no matter where it calls.  Over the last few months, these three asteroids have been fusing their energies into a powerful force of transformative feminine energy. The sign where this triple conjunction has waxed and now wanes is the one where Venus has just completed her vision quest, and where Pluto is excavating deep below the surface as he engages in his long, slow life-changing, world-changing square with Uranus.

Medusa at the South Node: The Harvest of Fear

Once the wisest and most powerful serpent goddess of the pre-Hellenic world, Medusa  was perceived through the eyes of fear after the shift towards our culture of domination began.

Once the wisest and most powerful serpent goddess of the pre-Hellenic world, Medusa was perceived through the eyes of fear after the shift towards our culture of domination began.

Given this, it’s no surprise to find the goddess asteroid Medusa conjoining the South Node, by only a quarter of a degree, at this Full Moon. Medusa carries the Feminine power we have feared most deeply and demonized most viciously — because it cannot be controlled. Now she reminds us of the price of choosing fear as our primary relationship to reality.  At the South Node, Medusa warns us that to choose fear is to turn way from the future.

Like Persephone, Proserpina, and Psyche, Medusa is a main belt asteroid, lying between the personal planets — the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars — and the social planets, Jupiter and Saturn.  While the personal planets carry the energy we think of when we think of ourselves, it’s the social planets we want to become.  The main belt asteroids are the energy that lies between who we are and who we want to become.  Our relationships with them can be either bridge or barrier.


This Full Moon brings a whole array of energies to help us forge a bridge towards breakthrough.  The most tightly allied of these include:

  • Pluto sextiling Chiron –  deep and powerful healing on the way
  • Psyche conjoining Persephone – the Heart willing to be transformed
  • Hekate conjoining Ceres – companioning us in our grief and despair
  • The North Node conjoining Ceres  –  pointing the way to the future in what nurtures us 

 Harnessing the Energies of Love

The energeis unfodling at this Leo Full Moon provide a map that show us how to tap the power ithat we call Love.  The great 20th-century philosopher of the Cosmos, Teilhard de Chardin,  described the importance of this:

“Someday after we have mastered the winds, the waves, and gravity, we will harness for God the energies of love, and  then, for the second time in the history of the world, human beings will have harnessed the power of fire. “

This Leo Full Moon points the way.



Here are the years of the most recent Solar Maximums, including the month when the solar activity was highest: 1936-37 (April 1937); 1946-47 (May 1947); 1957-58 (March 1958); 1968-69 (November 1968); 1979-1980 (December 1979); 1989 (July); 1999-2000 (March 2000)


It’s time to bring both our hearts and our heads together to further our dreams of what Charles Eisenstein reminds us is “the more beautiful world  our hearts know is possible.”  It’s time to begin creating the harmony and beauty we desire.   What this Full Moon reveals is the energy that was created at the New Moon, now freeing itself from the dark as it breaks through the surface, seeking the light.


Saturn-Sun square is one of those reality checks we get periodically. Saturn in Scorpio wants to remind the Sun in Aquarius that lasting change often takes time.

Year of the Wood Horse: The Last Time We Saw Him, This Happened


We’re still in the first week of the Year of the Green Wood Horse.  Around the world, Chinese people are still celebrating.  And just as the Horse arrives, the Big Re-think is about to begin. Day after tomorrow, Mercury will turn retrograde.  The timing should tell us something.  Bottom line? This one looks like a game changer.

The last time we saw the Wood Horse, it was 1954.  In the U.S., that was a year when Americans’ very sense of who we are changed forever.  The new technologies, experiences, and products that arrived in that Year of the Horse quickly came to define us.  Until 1954, the country didn’t even have a Census Bureau.

Most  U.S. towns didn’t have TV stations When the Green Wood Horse showed up in February 1954.  That changed rapidly.  There were no shopping malls, no fast food, and no interstate highways.  The Pledge of Allegiance did not contain the words “under God.” The Wood Horse changed it all.  

It’s startling to see how many of the dominant tropes in our culture, politics, and infrastructure showed up with the Wood Horse. It’s even more startling to see how the world the Horse created has, in many ways, run its course.  As we greet the Horse of 2014, we’re  a new 60-year cycle of cultural and economic change.


The  Path of the Wood Horse in  1954

Here’s what a quick look back tell us the Wood Horse was up to 60 years ago:

  • Pop culture. 1954 was a banner year for popular culture.  TV stations spread like wildfire  across the U.S. The “Miss America” pageant aired for the first time and television shows capturing the zeitgeist premiered.  ”The Millionaire” and “Father Knows Best.”
  • Technology. Texas Instruments announced the first transistor radio and IBM announced the first vacuum tube “electronic brain.”
  • Consumer culture. The first shopping mall opened, and so and the first Burger King.  Construction began on Disneyworld.
  • Transportation. The interstate highway system was planned and the first commercial jet in the U.S. was tested by Boeing.
  • Power relationships.  The demographic we now think of as “the 1%” held its first annual Bilderberg Conference was held. and a CIA-led coup overthrew the Guatemalan government.  The nascent Civil Rights Movement began to heat up, as school systems in Baltimore and Washington, D.C. integrated — and the White Citizens Council formed in Indianola, MS.  1954 was also the year when the McCarthy hearings took place,and by the end of the year, the U.S. Senate censured Senator Joe McCarthy for his slander campaigns.
  • The French surrendered in Vietnam and the country was partitioned into North and South Vietnam were created.


Then and Now:  The Outer Planets, Stirring the Pot

In 1954, just as in 2014, Uranus, the Cosmic Liberator, was at the center of an energetic dust-up that was changing the world.  Now, of course, it’s Pluto that Uranus is squaring.  Sixty years ago, it was Neptune.  Pluto was sextiling Neptune.

When the outer planets make contact, the world changes.  Lives change.  The nonlinear, fluid, quantum powers of the Universe touch our lives and they are never the same.

Uranus and Neptune have a cycle that’s as world-changing as the one between Uranus and Pluto.  The quantum awakening of Uranus’ vibration complements the energies of  Neptune and Pluto in different ways. Uranus awakens the divine spark of genius — which originally meant a person’s “tutelary spirit” —  within us all.  Neptune, on the other hand, carries the energy of the Oneness we perceive in moments of mystic awareness.

And while Uranus is an energy associated with the vast regions of the Cosmos, Pluto is a force of the depths.

Whole eras begin and end when Uranus and Neptune merge their vibrations. The last time this happened was in  February 1993.  On the surface, not much that was earth-shattering appeared to happen.  Deep beneath, however, the very foundations of our reality began to dissolve.  If you think back, you might recall sensing that a great and far-reaching shift in reality was taking place.

The 1993 Uranus-Neptune conjunction was the first one that’s taken place since Neptune was discovered in 1850 — which makes it the first one we’ve been able to take part in consciously.  It’s fascinating to look at the changes that unfolded before and after the two previous conjunctions, in 1650 and 1821.

The 1650 conjunction essentially ended the medieval era.  Oliver Cromwell’s dictatorship in 17t-century London — and the 1666 London fire opened the way for a wave of change.  By 1821, the Industrial Revolution was underway in the West.  The era that spanned the death of Napoleon I, the U. S. Civil War, the Indian Removals, the two World Wars, ended in 1993, the year the Gulf War was declared.

1954, the last Year of the Wood Horse, appeared to be a moment of triumphal power — but it actually ushered in the final act in the 171-year cycle that began in 1821 and ended 21 years ago.  Closing squares begin a process of dissolution.  Nothing seemed less likely than dissolution amid the flurry of new developments on the technological, cultural, and economic landscapes that occurred in 1954.  Yet just 60 years later, nothing seems clearer.

It’s a great lesson in the power of the invisible realms. Even while it appeared that the American Empire was surging, Uranus and Neptune were dissolving and dismantling its very foundations from deep beneath the surface..